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Giving a flower, you give beauty, love and mood                 
    Rousse is a genuine European town, rich in history, with excellent architecture and prosperous economy, having a number of cultural traditions. Its inhabitants are people of high culture, classic taste, European thinking and mentality. Trade in Rousse is with ancient traditions, modernized and enriched in the spirit and rhythm of our modern dynamic time and communication. DALIA florist’s has recently opened the door, but we can proudly say that we managed to attract our clients by a variety of beautiful and exotic flowers, bouquets, ceramic articles, peat soil mixture, preparations. Our team works with professionalism and inspiration, seeking for contacts and partners from firms and shops of similar activity within the country and abroad. We are convinced that the business with flowers is our vocation as the work satisfies us, and the contacts with clients stimulate us to permanently look for new original, attractive forms of service – home flower deliveries in order to radiate beauty, love and mood into every home, office and heart.

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